Cogmed Working Memory Training Program

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Chief Staff Psychologist David Causey, Ph.D., is very excited to offer a computer based program that trains children, adolescents, and adults to sustainably improve their attention by training their working memory. Integrating behavior therapy and Cogmed training gives a child or adolescent with ADHD extra skills to aid their social and academic success.

“Cogmed is one of the few interventions besides medication that shows strong evidence-based support for treatment effectiveness of ADHD symptoms. Our desire to have alternative options for treating ADHD, along with the rigorous research support for Cogmed, is why we chose to offer it at Square One.” (Dr. Causey).

What Is Working Memory? You use your working memory every day. It is the ability to keep information in your mind for a short time, focus on a task and remember what to do next. With a working memory deficit, it is difficult to stay focused, ignore distractions, plan next steps, remember instructions, and start and finish tasks. In daily life, working memory plays a role in managing daily and academic tasks like: remembering what was just read, remembering to grab something you need on your way out, or processing several numbers at once when performing math problems.

The Cogmed Working Memory Training Program includes:

1. An initial interview or screening
2. A start up session
3. Five-six weeks of training – 25 sessions
4. Weekly communication via phone / email with Dr. Causey
5. Wrap-up session and report
6. 6 month follow-up interview
7. Access to the Cogmed training web
8. 100 Cogmed Extension Training Sessions for 12 months

Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based program that uses a PC or Mac. Most participants complete the program in their own home, but it can be completed elsewhere, such as at a tutoring center. The software adjusts complexity level for each exercise, in real time, for maximized training effect. Training consists of 25 training sessions that last 30-40 minutes each time, and is complete over a 5-6 week period (ideally 5 sessions per week).

Working Memory Training provides a long term skills that can be sustained and practiced over time.

Cogmed Working Memory Training was developed by neurologists in 2000. Research shows that children and adolescents with ADHD can remember instructions, complete assignments and take initiative after working memory training was completed. Extensive research is what differentiates Cogmed from other “brain training” programs. In addition to showing measured improvement in working memory and related skills, research has actually indicated increases in task-related prefrontal and parietal brain activity following completion of the training program.

Imagine doing a daily exercise that requires intensive focus and effort to actually change the way the brain uses working memory. Cogmed is designed to be an interactive and engaging computer-based activity using a game-like format with numerous activities for each training session.

“As part of the training to become a Cogmed Coach, I completed the full 25-session training program myself. The program is engaging and I actually began to look forward to seeing what I could accomplish each session as I challenged myself to improve. It’s work, but it can be fun as well.” (Dr. Causey).

“We just completed a conference with my child’s teachers. They reported to me that, over the past several months, my son has shown significant improvement in his working memory. Specifically, they told me that he is now thinking ahead about what he needs to do, and his accuracy and speed with getting tasks completed has improved. I was so excited to get this feedback.”  (Mother of 6th grader who completed Cogmed through Square One).

Dr. Causey is the first and currently only certified Cogmed Provider in Louisville ( Cogmed is offered and provided year-round at Square One. Families can conduct the trainings at home with periodic check-ins by email or phone with Dr. Causey.

Contact our office staff for further details.