Who performs the Gesell Developmental Observation at Square One?
Ann Hayes Ronald, Ph.D. administers the Gesell Developmental Observation in our office at Square One.

What is the Gesell Developmental Observation? The Gesell Developmental Observation is a developmental screening tool that provides a standardized process for observing and recording a child’s behaviors and matching them with typical patterns of behavior established for each developmental level. Unlike I.Q. or academic performance tests, the Gesell Developmental Observation measures a child’s language, physical motor skills, and adaptive development (putting knowledge into action). The Gesell Developmental Observation measures developmental age, which is where a child’s overall behavior falls along the progression of human growth and development. This developmental age helps educators and parents to know where a child is functioning in relation to typical patterns of growth.

Your child will know how to do the activities that are on the Gesell Developmental Observation. Usually, children enjoy the testing and often ask to do it again! Please refer to the Gesell Institute website for specific information about this assessment tool.  http://www.gesellinstitute.org/ or http://www.gesellinstitute.org/parents/

What should we expect at our appointment? Your child will accompany Dr. Ronald to her office for the individualized testing of the Gesell Developmental Observation. We know that many parents are understandably anxious about how their child will perform during the testing. Nevertheless, standards of testing require that this test be given in a one-to-one format. Parents remain in the waiting area while the child participates in the assessment. During the child’s testing, a parent is asked to complete a questionnaire about the child’s development. Dr. Ronald will review the questionnaire when testing is complete. The testing will take approximately 45-60 minutes. Test results are not immediately available.

When will the report be available? You will receive a copy of the evaluation report within two weeks of your testing appointment.

For which institutions does Square One provide the Gesell Developmental Observation? Square One currently provides screenings for Kentucky Country Day School (KCD) Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten applicants. Square One provides the results of the Gesell Developmental Observation to the institutions’ admissions panels, who take them into consideration in making the decision regarding the admission of the applicants. Square One does not offer recommendations to any institutions regarding admissions decisions.