My goal is to serve children who experience challenges impacting school performance, so that learning is accessible and performance is optimal. Students may experience these difficulties due to a variety of diagnoses including ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Learning Disabilities or Delays, and Executive Function Deficits. Students with these diagnoses often struggle with initiating homework, planning, organizing, time management, turning in work, communicating with teachers, and problem-solving through obstacles or skill deficiencies. My passion is guiding students through the process of overcoming these deficits.

Shelly White, B.S. OT/L  brings over 15 years of experience as an occupational therapist, over three years of experience as an Education Resources teacher in the private school setting, and a passion for helping kids who struggle in school. She joins our team with the desire to teach kids skills which will improve their academic performance and carry over for success in other life roles. Further, she has acted as a support for not only students, but parents and teachers, providing intermediary assistance to scaffold a student during struggle to reach personal independence in the home and at school.

Mrs. White earned her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy in 1998 from Eastern Kentucky University and has worked in diverse settings to help her patients achieve independence in the community across multiple aspects of their lives. Her passion to develop independence and self-confidence in children is complimented by her experience as a therapist and teacher. She is the mother of five children and very active in their education and extracurricular activities in the community.