Green-BoEducation Consultation provides academic guidance and planning for students, parents, and teachers. Our providers are learning experts whose primary focus is to educate and advocate for families, connecting them with the most appropriate educational settings to promote success and independence in the student’s life. Creating a productive learning environment and cultivating strategies for improved academic performance levels the playing field for the student whose needs differ and supports the child’s ability to succeed.

While children with no behavioral health diagnosis benefit from our services, our consults are designed to support students with

  • ADHD, all types
  • Autism
  • learning disorders
  • executive functioning disabilities
  • behavior disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Academic Accommodations and Program Placement Guidance

  • Guidance navigating  Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans
  • School placement expertise
  • Participation in school meetings and conferences
  • ACT/SAT accommodations proposal development
  • College admissions counseling
  • Skill Building Camp placement
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment placement

Educational Support

  • One-on-one tutoring year round
  • Summer school and school credit catch-up
  • Study and test  skill development
  • Academic remediation utilizing current work
  • Collaboration with teachers on individual student learning styles
  • Coaching parents and students through cognitive and/or emotional issues related to learning
  • Home support, transitioning from the structure of school
  • Executive functioning skill enrichment
  • Methods to improve focus, motivation and problem-solving skills
  • Efficient reading and writing strategies
  • Homework skill development with focus on overcoming impeding deficits
  • Handwriting Without Tears®
  • Resources for community autism supports

Post-Evaluation Consultation

  • In-depth conversation with families elaborating on educational testing results
  • Immediate steps and action planning for home and school environments

Professional Development 

  • Mandated Academic Accommodations Revisions
  • Autism in Academics: Learning and Supports
  • Intro to Learning Styles and Differences
  • Executive Functioning
  • IEP vs. 504: Which is appropriate?
  • Learning Intervention Strategies
  • Transition Planning: From One Academic Setting to the Next
  • What cognitive deficits look like in the classroom: underlying {origins, causes, issues} of common behaviors
  • Level the playing field for Students that Struggle
  • Cultural Issues to Consider in Education